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What is Hours?

Hours is a fictional story and an audiobook created by Jessy Ribordy. It is accompanied by an album that is also titled ‘Hours’.  12 chapters and 12 songs, we feel like it’s our most polished concept album ever.

Why don’t I get all the songs right now?

We want to do things a little differently this time. Instead of release a completed piece of work, we thought it’d be fun to include you in the process of song writing. A process that will allow you to hear one song at a time, give us your feedback on the forums and hopefully make a better product for you in the end. Since it’s a story format, it’s also fun to release them like tv episodes and have the suspense that waiting for the next chapter will create.

If you really can’t wait between songs/chapters we’d suggest just waiting till they are released as a completed work in early 2013. But who wants to wait. Join the fun!

How often will you be releasing new songs/chapters?

New songs will be released in 2 week cycles.

How will I know when a new song/chapter is available?

We will email you when a new song is available, we’ll also announce it on facebook and other social networks. So keep an eye out! Your purchase will not expire so if you forget for a while you can download the songs at your convenience at a later time.

Will I be able to buy a physical copy of these albums?

We are planning on producing physical copies of both music albums in about 4 months once the project comes to a close. They will be repackaged and up on iTunes for download as well.

How do I sign up?

  1. Click on the album/package you want to purchase on the homepage.
  2. Pay through Paypal. You may receive an email receipt from Paypal.
  3. Once the payment has gone through, you will receive an email from Falling Up about completing your registration. You will then be sent to the Machine De Ella website to fill out a registration form. Please note this will be sent to the email you used for Paypal.
  4. After the form has been submitted, you will receive another email confirming your registration. It is very important you click on the link to confirm your registration otherwise you will not be able to download the songs (and we will not know you are a real person).
  5. You will then receive a final email with congratulations of your completed registration.

How do I download the songs?

Once you have finished signing up (see above) you will need to log in to the Machine De Ella Project website.

  1. Go to the Machine De Ella Project homepage then click the Log In link at the top, and sign in with your username and password.
  2. Click on the album cover or album name you want to download.
  3. Here you can either click ‘Download All Files’ or download the songs individually.

I am signed in, but not able to click on the albums.

You need to confirm your registration in order to have access to download the songs. Please see how to sign up above.

Where can I purchase physical copies of your old albums?

Any physical copies of our previous albums that are still available for purchase will be on our Storenvy page.